We celebrate our locality

Bridgeley was born out of the vision of the Northam Church of Christ, who desired to build a facility which wasn't only used on weekends, but throughout the week by various people throughout our community.

Avon and Mortlock

Both these rivers flow through Northam.

Burlong and Katrine

Both are picturesque spots along the Avon River

Meenar, Mokine, Wallaby Hills, Wambyn

Nature reserves close to Northam.

Mt Ommanney

At the edge of town, overlooking the Northam CBD

You will notice that all our rooms have been named after geographical features around Northam.
Outside each room hangs a photo of the named location. Photos were taken by Brian Smyth.

On the move

the story behind our name

The word Bridgeley is made up of two words, Bridge and Ley. Our logo represents the swinging bridge in the town, representing our community connection, however this bridge also speaks to us of Jesus being a bridge from God to man, and our building as a bridge between the Church and the community. Ley is an old English word meaning a “meadow that is fallow or un-tilled". We see it as the community is ready for many different good things to be sown in to it.


Our Journey

Bridgeley Community Centre is located in Northam, 100 km east of Perth, WA, within a short walk of the CBD and arterial roads, and is easily accessible to locals and visitors.

We began our journey in Northam in 1905, and completed the current building in 2007.

The Centre is adjacent to Northam’s historic Town and Lesser Halls, and the buildings can be used together or independently, according to your needs.


Our Vision

Serving our community with well equipped meeting rooms at competitive rates.

This community centre was built by Bridgeley Church of Christ, but instead of a church building that is used a few times a week this venue is used seven days a week by all the community. Meeting rooms can seat any size group from 3 or 4 people to 300 people and are available for hire at competitive rates.

A well equipped kitchen and children’s playroom add to this versatile facility and the larger rooms are equipped with on site audiovisual equipment. Catering can be organised for morning and afternoon teas, luncheons and suppers as required, with an in-house service, or customers can arrange for their own caterers.

Our auditorium can comfortably seat 300 guests